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Incense And Candles (Prince)

From the album “3121″

Baby, ooh!
Uh, let’s go (Come on)

I’ve been waiting 4 U baby all night long (I’ve been waiting 4 U baby all night long)

So I could tell somebody 2 play this song, uh (Come on)

The jam has got a beat like it’s making love

(The jam has got a beat like it’s making love)

Cuz U’re the only 1 I’ve been thinking of (Oh yeah)


Come in2 my room of incense and candles

I got something that U won’t know how 2 handle

U can tell me “uh-uh”, but U know how this man do

I’ma want it all night long

Come on, come on

I’ma want it all night long

I’m glad that we’re compatible, mature and grown (Mature and grown)

Cuz this is not something U can do alone

There’s a dance floor, but we can use a table, yes we can

I got 2 have a partner that’s willing and able (Willing and able)


(Come on, come on)

Once U try 2 seduce me, it grows and grows

Your mind will never deny what your body knows

I know U want 2 take off all your clothes

But please don’t do it

I gotta cool idea, my darlin’, let’s go outside

I wanna smother U with something as shiny as the rims upon my ride (Yeah?)

I wanna look 4 the Milky Way and, uh, when I find it (Find it)

I’m gonna make U scream my name as if it was divine (Prince)

But we both know that we got 2 praise the 1 who made ya

And give props 2 the mama 4 the healthy food she must’ve gave ya

4 the meek at heart these words - they might sound like a sinner (Sound like a…)

But the truth is that U sittin’ on every one of them dinners

But that’s fine (Yeah), cuz I’m blind (Huh?)

’bout blind as a cat in the dark

He might come 2 in the morning

After roaming in the park

Harder 2 understand, always changing plans

Harder than hell 2 handle

1 scent alone make it worth your while

The price of Prince’s candle

All night

Circles of flowers, of pyramids of sand

Violet colored diamonds, U got 2 understand (Hey)

Incense and candles, wherever U can

U got 2 make this woman lust 4 this man



(Come on, come on)

(All night long)

(Incense and candles)

(Come on, come on)

(Hey, hey)


(Baby, ooh)

(Uh uh, uh uh)

(All night long)

(Come on, come on)